• glazing system prototype using recycled car windscreens

    This project was developed out of research into the geometry of a number of windscreens found in scrapyards. Because automotive glass is laminated and toughened and it cannot ealy be recycled. The propotype above is designed around the double curved geometry of the glass from a vw golf, and demonstrated how an overlapping series of windscreens can form a watertight enclosure. The structure was braced with recycled bicycle chain

  • modular folded lattice structures

    This scheme is a response to a competition brief for the construction of a modualar railway station. First a rectangular module was selected based on the dimensions of a standard shipping container. This rectangular module was then subdivided diagnolly by folding into triangles. Through numerous experiments it was found that a number of stable, spece enclosing structures could be formed using the system, and the system was flexible enough to be adapted to the brief for various different categories of railway station.

  • coppiced timber gridshell

    This scheme for a training centre in north wales was concieved out of research into sustainable building techniques using narrow diameter coppiced timber. A gridshell structure is capable of large 3 dimensional volumes using numerous small sections, and was thus adopted using a system of clamped, sliding steel plated jointsto allow the timber to move

  • courtyard house

    This scheme was developed as a compact solution for a small site surrounded by a 3m high listed medievel wall. A number of the units were arranged as a terrace. The house has an upside down plan form with an integral garage and sleeping/ utility areas at ground floor where daylight is less important. The upper level has a dumbell shaped open plan living area centred on a small courtyard. in summer the whole first floor can be opened up to create an exciting semi outdoor living space.

  • rotated penatgon tubular bridge

    This bridge design was developed as an enclosed structure capable of taking pedestrian or light vehicular traffic. The scheme consists of a series of steel pentagons laser cut from flat steel plate. which are rotated 72 degrees and then the nodes connected to form a tubular structure. The rotation of the geometry naturally forms an arch along the length of the bridge which would then form the primary loadbearing structure

  • subterranean house with a view

    This concept was developed for a site where the visual impact of the dwelling needed to be minimised, whilst still taking advantage of the spectacular views. The garden ramps up over the house creating a viewing platform. The plan was designed as an upside down layout so that the elevated living room also made best use of the view.