• Feasibility

    RAW can help you define your project brief by looking creatively at the bigger picture - working out how large the building will need to be and where best to site it. We also look at site access, orientation and numerous other factors in order to provide the best solution for the site.

  • Planning applications

    Planning permission is required for most projects involving building work. Listed building consent or conservation area consent are also sometimes required. Designs are judged against planning policy developed by local authorities and central government. RAW have an excellent track record at obtaining planning on challenging sites.

  • Computer modelling / visualisation

    if you want to see exactly how your building will look when complete, or how it will perform, RAW can carry out computer modelling and visualisation. We would recommend this as part of the initial design process leading up to planning, so the best solution possible is developed from the start.

  • Building regulations applications

    construction work in the UK is covered by the building regulations. The regulations are split down by categories including; structural design, , energy conservation, drainage, ventilation, fire safety and disabled access. Building regulations applications require more detailed drawings than planning. Calculations are also prepared at this stage to cover structure and energy usage. It is normal to emply other specialist consultants at this stage.

  • Construction drawings / specifications

    Following on from building regulations approval, detailed construction drawings are prepared which show exactly how all of the parts come together. A detailed specification is also prepared at this stage which sets out the quality of the workmanship and materials to be used in the project. The more detail provided at this stage, the greater level of cost certainty that can be expected when prices are obtained from builders.